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Build you dream

The peaceful landscape is really inspiring. And how good does it feel that dreams can be made to come true and that other people can enjoy all this as well.
It means hard work, but the many positive remarks and compliments we receive generate energy. That is the reason we do it and makes us happy.

Do come and gather beautiful moments on De Turfhoeke!


De Turfhoeke (literally ‘peat corner’) is named after the way it is situated on the ‘Opsterlandse Compagnonsvaart’, a canal which is part of the original peat route. The farm is situated on the spot where in the past peat barges had to make a sharp turn.

The photograph shows former inhabitants, farmer Koopmans on the right side. He died at the age of 42 due to pneumonia that he caught after freezing on the box of his carriage. After that his wife, children and mother-in-law had to leave the farm that they leased from the Oosting family. In those days people thought two women could not run a farm, The opposite turned out to be true: the mother-in-law, who owned some money, had  a new farm built in nearby Terwispel. The large linden tree in the picture must have been quite a few years old by then and it still determines the appearance of the farm.


Eva and Remco

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